lifeIMAGE 5.0 Debuts with Powerful New Features

lifeIMAGE 5.0 is now live. We’re introducing the latest upgrade to our enterprise-grade electronic medical image-sharing platform, and it’s loaded with new features – driven by both customer requests and our drive for continuous innovation. As champions of health data interoperability, we’re particularly excited about the new depth of data-sharing this new version offers.

Take a look at 5.0 for yourself here.

First and foremost, you’ll notice a major upgrade to our interface, thanks to a full integration with Client Outlook’s FDA Class II cleared eUnity viewing platform, a leading tool among radiologists, cardiologists, oncologists, neurologists and scores of other specialty clinicians. It’s not just an upgrade in usability and looks: It offers speed enhancements, support for both DICOM and non-DICOM data, and advanced, multi-specialty toolset. eUnity is a true zero-download viewer that gives physicians consistent access to diagnostic-quality images from any modality.

Other key additions to lifeIMAGE 5.0 increase access to critical imaging information for the more than 50 different kinds of specialists who use our platform:

  • More complete patient histories – Parts of a patient’s imaging history can live in a number of locations internal and external to the hospital, such as the PACS, VNA, image exchange network and other clinical systems. With lifeIMAGE 5.0, clinicians can quickly gain access to and compare data from any of these repositories to better coordinate care.
  • Real-time collaboration – Physicians in multiple locations can now simultaneously review and annotate diagnostic-quality images. This enhancement will drive efficiency in patient cases that require multi-disciplinary review, and enable experts to work more effectively with care teams at outside community and rural facilities.
  • Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) support - This emerging health IT interoperability standard enables new levels of medical image sharing – for example, it allows radiologists to pull data from other sources into the image exchange platform for comparison purposes, which used to be a multi-step process that would otherwise cause delays in treatment.

We’re excited about the lifeIMAGE platform’s new capabilities and their potential to improve patient care and create efficiencies in fast-paced clinical settings where minutes count. Once you see them in action in your clinical workflows, you will be, too.