Client Outlook and lifeIMAGE: Unified Access to All Imaging Content

Earlier this year, lifeIMAGE joined forces with Client Outlook to bring our users a world-class image viewing experience through their image exchange platform, and beyond. eUnity, a fast and scalable FDA Class II diagnostic and clinical imaging viewer, will soon be a core part of our solution. Through lifeIMAGE, eUnity can also be leveraged to connect the silos of image content at an institution.

What’s the value here?

Clinicians across the healthcare enterprise should encounter a consistent, high-quality image viewing experience, regardless of imaging modality, or where data is captured or stored. Today, data resides in internal and external silos, and clinicians must use multiple viewers to look at studies, if they are able to access the data at all. This impacts clinical efficiency and can hurt care coordination.

When combined, lifeIMAGE and eUnity can give clinicians unified access to all imaging content - data from both internal and external sources, DICOM and non-DICOM. The Client Outlook viewing platform provides federated access to image data that lives in different storage locations. This could include sources such as any number of PACS, the VNA, and now, an institution's lifeIMAGE system. It connects disparate systems through a single, unified viewing experience, without data having to be migrated first.

Our technologies lay the foundation for an enterprise imaging solution that is scalable and suitable for all care providers. lifeIMAGE can extend your systems to engage and exchange with outside providers and patients. We excel at connecting users within a health system to external sources of imaging data. This includes exams from CDs received in clinical departments, and also studies transferred electronically from referral centers, physicians and patients that do not have access to the hospital network. Client Outlook ensures a consistent and cutting-edge viewing experience for all exams, regardless of data type or origin. Together, our solutions can help providers across countless clinical disciplines provide timely, highly-coordinated care.

lifeIMAGE is proud to be the only image exchange solution that can offer health systems Client Outlook’s eUnity platform for enterprise-wide utilization. This helps our customers cross off multiple requirements for their enterprise imaging strategy through one vendor, but with the benefit of adopting best-of-breed technologies.



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